Introducing the next generation of video commerce

Time-stamped products and brands in local & international video
made shoppable via any smart device


We started with an idea: “imagine you could make video content interactive by adding metadata in an automated way, allowing to recognize characters, products and brands?”

We brought together a strong team and partnered with great minds: a content producer and broadcaster, an advertising agency, a university, a digital research center, and a group of super coders and designers.

Two angels and a government agency believed in us.
We were ready to make a difference.

“Imagine you could make video content interactive by adding metadata in an automated way, allowing to recognize characters, products and brands?”

A solution

We have architected a solution that is 13 times faster and 8 times cheaper than known alternatives. We trust we can scale it to reach profitability levels close to software.

We have developed our own application, Spott. We tested it in Belgium, a country renown for being a great user adoption testing environment. We made a cooking show, a local series, and an international series interactive.

Consumers, brands and broadcasters just loved it. It was only a test and people were not asked to actually shop. Still, 13% of them bought something via the app… even jewelry worn by the presenter of a cooking show!

Creating value across industries

Then we thought: hold on, there is more we can offer through our technology!
That’s when we created Apptvate, a series of value propositions across the media industry where everyone is a winner. Third parties can even leverage part of our technology to develop their own solutions.

Here we are. We are Appiness. We want to reinvent video commerce.
And we are ready to surprise and delight.



B2C 2nd screen inspirational and e-commerce platform linked to video content

  • Local and international content - series, shows, movies, and commercials.
  • Tested and loved.
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B2B video commerce platform, services and solutions

  • Dedicated client self-service interface to upload videos, monitor customers’ interactivity and response, and target opted-in end users with tailored campaigns.
  • Depending on content, clients can upload videos hours before it is aired. A collaborative process ensures that live content can be made shoppable.
  • In a white-labeled mode, Apptvate offers a solution to enable video commerce in the 2nd screen or same-screen applications of different players, e.g. content producers, distributors, video streaming companies, producers of smart TVs, set-top boxes, broadcasters and telcos.

Innovation partners

Advisory Board

S. Cosyns

CEO of BBDO Belgium

J. Depraetere

Head of TV & Future Media at European Broadcasting Union

K. Hammer

GM Business Development at Clearcast UK

O. Krigel

Bus. Dev. Executive of Nexmo, Israel

B. Mignot

Innovation Manager at Orange

F. Vandepitte

Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

G. Wollaert

Prev. Senior VP, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Coca Cola

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